Al Foreman (Bow)

aka 'Bert (Kid) Harris'

Born: 03/11/1904, Whitechapel, London

Al Foreman KO's Fred Webster (Premierland, 1930)
Al Foreman KO's Fred Webster (Premierland, 1930)

Often wrongly billed as Canadian, Whitechapel-born Al Foreman was a cockney through and through. He started boxing in London under the alias Bert Harris but set sail for Canada in 1923. He made his name there and in America before returning to London in 1930. After a string of KO wins he dispatched Fred Webster (Kentish Town) inside a round to clinch the British lightweight crown. Cannily, Foreman also promoted the fight, hiring Premierland for the occasion.

Shortly thereafter he returned to Canada, scored four straight wins and then sailed back to England to defend his lightweight title against Bristol's George Rose. A devastating sixth-round KO wiped out all the points Rose had scored during the previous five rounds. Two months later Foreman defended his title again, drawing with Sheffield's Johnny Cuthbert.

After vacating his British title, Foreman defended his Commonwealth crown in Australia, and then back in Canada won the Canadian lightweight title too.

Al Foreman hit abnormally hard for a lightweight, and in 1928 he set a record for the world's fastest knockout - 11.5 seconds, including the count.

Recorded fights

Won: 99

Lost: 20

Drawn: 10

Divisions fought in



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